Visitu + Blackbaud integration

Blackbaud and Visitu have partnered to offer an integration that syncs relevant employee, student, and volunteer information between the Blackbaud “ON” Products and Visitu’s school lobby visitor registration service.

Learn How to Enable Blackbaud

Blackbaud, Inc. provides nonprofit management solutions, fundraising software, prospect research, fund accounting, school administration, ticketing and more.


Easy database management with Blackbaud

Visitu makes it simple to integrate with your existing Blackbaud databases. The Visitu + Blackbaud integration syncs your employee, student and volunteer users into Visitu, meaning you can sync all of your data in just a few clicks.

Save valuable time with
Blackbaud integration

Integrating Blackbaud makes it a breeze to deploy Visitu across your entire campus. All updates to your Blackbaud databases are pushed to Visitu, you’ll automatically be up-to-date as your data changes.

Data Security

Visitu and Blackbaud data is always safe and encrypted during the rest and sync process.

Data changes are synced automatically

Sync employee, student, parent and volunteer details from Blackbaud “ON” to Visitu in just a few clicks.

Effecient synchronization

Ongoing synchronization of employee, student, and volunteer databases ensures your databases will always be up-to-date.