Strengthen your response to campus emergencies and incidents.

Deliver campus alerts and situational awareness for attacks, threats and natural disasters with Visitu.

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Visitu provides the critical tools you need during any campus threat situation.

Campus Incident Management

Visitu gives incident managers the tools they need to track status and location of individuals in the event of an emergency.

Campus Snapshot

Get a real-time view of your campus through our cloud-based web dashboard.

Improved Response Times

Alert key personnel and first responders within seconds of an incident.

Real-time Evacuation lists

See the status and location of students and staff during an incident.

Automated Notifications

Your school community instantly receives emergency alerts when every second matters.

Campus Snapshot

Get a real-time view of your campus through our cloud-based web dashboard.

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Deliver critical mass emergency notifications.

Safeguarding your students has become a huge task, Visitu allows you to quickly notify in seconds for any incident, security and emergency situations.

  • Incident Customization

    Visitu is customizable to your campuses structure. Even more, it is customizable to specific types of events ahead of them happening.

  • Automatic Email, SMS and Push notifications.

    Send instant and automated emergency notifications to internal school personnel or to your entire school community.

Instantly notify your campus for any type of security and emergency threat.

Send out critical mass emergency notifications via SMS, email and push notifications to school internal responders and security personnel instantly and improve response time, and alert students and employees off-campus of campus incidents so they remain secure and safe.

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It starts with a Conversation.

Improving your school security starts with a conversation. Schedule a call to see how easy Visitu is to implement and start protecting your students today!