Health Screening Health Screenings

Screen employees, visitors, and students prior to entering your campus with easy, customizable wellness surveys.

Ask students, staff, visitors about their recent travel and current state of health prior to arriving on campus or during the check in process with the Visitu wellness screening / survey tool.

Once wellness screening is complete, there will be a green or red indicator on the Mobile badge for swift touch-free check in.

Your staff can be alerted if a high-risk person might be entering your campus and action can be taken per your organization’s protocol.

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Visitu provides a way to screen and track access to our campus from parents and volunteers.

Kevin Donohue
Kevin Donohue
Principal, Saint Joseph’s Catholic School

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What can SafeCampus Solve for You?

Simplify daily campus tasks that take hours and solve them in minutes.

  • Health Screening

    Gather critical info from users regarding health, wellness, or feedback via automated surveys you create and schedule. No coding necessary.

  • Visitor Management

    Check-In/Out, Offender Checks, Agreements, and more.

  • Student Attendance

    Mobile Attendance, Voicemail Transcription, and more.

  • Emergency Management

    Mass Notifications and Alerts, Reunification, and more.