Visitor Management. Simplified.

Visitu ensures you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor, student, staff and overall campus safety.

Streamline visitor management

Visitors simply sign in on the iPad, and Visitu will take care of the rest — from badge printing and running offender checks, to alerting employees when their visitors arrive.

Improve your sign in process

Visitu collects your visitors’ name, company name, email address, photo and the purpose of their visit. You can also scan a state-issued drivers license for quick and accurate visitor data entry.

Speed up wait times

Visitu is a visitor management system that offers all the necessary features to ensure that your reception’s sign in process is as fast and user-friendly as possible for your visitors.

Enhance reception productivity

Visitu helps you increase front desk efficiency. It makes sign-in swift, whether you have a few or hundreds of visitors per day.

Monitor visitors on your campus.

The Visitu dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of all visitors on your campus and is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Print Badges.

Print visitor badges from the iPad to a wireless label printer. Printed badges allows employees to easily identify visitors. Printed visitor badges include company name, visitor name, visitor photo, QR codes and more.

Protect those that matter most.

With over 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, all visitors who enter your school should be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry database. Vistiu automatically and instantly scans and compares all visitor information against offender database records at every sign in.

Notify Employees

Visitu makes it easy to reach employees where they are. Employees are automatically notified via Email and SMS when a visitor arrives and signs in on the Visitu iPad. Now employees can put a face to a name before greeting visitors.

Choose to send host notifications via email, SMS (text message), and even Slack.

Frequent Visitors.

Allow frequent visitors to your facility a quick and innovative way to sign in.

Automatically-assigned QR codes let visitors re-use a virtual digital badge from their phone for a much quicker registration process on return visits.

Assign quick badges to employees, substitutes, students, vendors and other types of visitors.

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