Touch-free check in for your visitors with Visitu

Resume business safely and ensure the safety of your employees with contactless visitor sign in.

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Visitu's touchless visitor experience is safe, secure, and super simple.

Facial Identification

Use the facial recognition feature to sign in without having to touch the iPad screen or a badge and finish check in using the Visitu mobile app.

Badge Scanning

Scan your Visitu Mobile Quick Badge or employee badge and complete the registration process using your own personal device.

Wellness Screening

Ask visitors about recent travel and current state of health via the survey tool. Alert designated personnel of a high-risk person entering your campus.

Touch-free check in has never been easier with Visitu Mobile.

Set up your reception area to be completely touch-free upon check in and allow visitors to finish the process via mobile app.

Quick Badge

Scan your mobile quick badge for a simple and touch-free check-in process on return visits.

Track Visits

Easily track your visits to campus and see a log of your past visits.


Get instant notifications for visitor arrivals, offender alerts, attendance events, and emergency notifications.

Dual Platform

Visitu Mobile is available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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Innovative visitor management + screening tools = safe and secure workplaces

Offender Screening

Stop threats at the door with instant screening against an offender database and your own custom watch lists. Designated personnel are immediately and discreetly notified should an alert occur.

Watch Lists

Create custom watch lists that can include banned visitors, restraining orders, parent custody issues and more. Notify key personnel with alerts via SMS, email and push notifications.

Join the Visitu Family

Workplaces across the nation trust the Visitu system to manage their campus security and keep employees safe. This is why they love us!

Keep your campus safe.

Improving workplace safety starts with a conversation. Schedule a call to see how easy Visitu is to implement and start protecting your campus today!