What’s New?

August 11, 2020

Visitu has released new features. To take advantage of our Safe Campus platform (V2), make sure you have Visitu Kiosk 2.6 or greater loaded on iPads. Campus.visitu.com should also be version 149 or greater.

Dashboard Updates
  • Surveys
    You can create a survey, select a Public link, and now either use Visitu mobile to complete the survey or a link delivered via Automations. To pre-screen students or staff there is a cost of $2 per user per year.
  • Automations
    Our vision for this capability long-term is incredible. You can create a ‘Create a Schedule Notification’ by role (example Parent and Student) to send out a survey reminder at 7 am daily via Visitu mobile and email. You can also create a reminder that follows-up with anyone not completing the desired actions (ex: taking daily survey).
Mobile Updates
  • Pre-Screening Wellness Surveys
    Ability for users to complete surveys from the mobile device before coming to campus. Example use would be completing a health survey for a guardian.
  • Touch-Free Check-in Experience
    Ability to use the mobile badge to initiate an interaction with Visitu such as a check-in or check-out so you can remain touch-free.
Kiosk Updates
  • Touch-Free Camera Position
    Ability to switch the camera position by tapping the bottom right corner of the viewfinder.
  • Configure Touch-Free Mode
    Customize the Visitu AI Camera to scan for ID types and take actions such as display Survey results for a user.
  • Present
    Ability to mark a student as present in the Attendance module.

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